Education for girls is not as valued in some areas of developing countries as that of boys. Parents, and especially fathers tend to be preferential when it comes to deciding in whom to invest their scarce resources and must choose between a daughter and a son!
Ruth Kalekye who was the first of 4 kids was lucky to be the eldest child, followed by two sisters and an only brother who was a distant last in the family; To that extent she did not have to face this dilema. However, that was not what Ruth's problem was. The obstacle which stood in her way like a lion was the poverty into which she had been born. Her dad had sold the small parcel of land which he had inherited from his father, to try and put food on the table for his family. He did this piece meal until there was little more to sell than the only ground on which the family's small grass thatched mud house stood!
Luckily, Primary Education became free when Ruth started school and that was a blessing for her and she made the best of it. She worked as hard as she could and in the years that followed her grades in school stood out. On her 8th year of Primary School, when she sat the final National Exams she passed with flying colors but, oddily enough, instead of being joyful and happy for her achievements, she was sad!


She had been admitted to PRECIOUS BLOOD HIGH SCHOOL which is one of the most acclaimed Girls' Highschools in Kenya with a reputation for excellence in education; and her sadness was due to the knowledge that, she would never follow her Highschool aspirations because, unlike in Primary School, High School was not free and if you were unable to pay the high tuition required, the doors to further education were closed to you.

It was during this critical crossroad of her life that she turned to KUSARD for a way forward, if there was any. By a stroke of luck KUSARD was able to find a sponsor for Ruth in the USA who enabled her to pursue her Highschool dreams. And as might be expected from past performance, she more diligent and worked even harder in Highschool knowing how so few options existed for her in life to break the cycle of poverty. At the end of her 4 years of High school Ruth managed to pass her final exams with accolades and was admitted to a Government University in Kenya, but inevitably, as fate would have it, her poverty haunted her and now seemed to put a stranglehold on a brilliant Educational career. With now far more higher school fees required for a Univeristy degree, Ruth knew this was the end of the road for her, for she knew she could never afford the $1,000 needed for her first year of University.

When she came to me while vacationing in Kenya this April accompanied by her mom with an admission letter in her hands, she was in tears of desperation. Yes, she needed a lot of money and didn't know where or what in the world she was going to do because everywhere she went for help, she was either turned down or send from pillar to post as a way to frustrate her until she gave up. In this dilly dallying fashion, a year had already come and gone and by the time she came to me, all her collegues had already started school and were soon going to enter their second year of University this September 2016 even as poor Ruth still pounded the unforgiving Kenyan dusty streets.

In my experience I have come to believe one thing and no one can convince me otherwise! Things may look as bad as they can at any one time or another in our lives, but God never sleeps and He answers prayers. When Ruth came to me, and explained her condition to me which was anyway quite familiar to me, I was crestfallen for not being able to give her an immediate answer; HOwever, even long after she left, I couldn't forget that look of despair on her face. It haunted me. I tried to sleep on the idea, wondering what answers I could give to her when she next came to see me. She had truly gone the mile to do whatever she could to break with her reduced circumstances, yet I had not been able to afford her any resolution to her plight due to the constraints I was in and in this hour of need, I had been forced to turn to one of our supporters who on learning of Ruth's plight decided without a second thought to come to her rescue. What a miracle! Secretly I cried alone in my room! I cried because God had answered my prayers for Ruth and tomorrow I would have an answer for her. In fact I was happier than her for the way Events had evolved. God bless Albert P for me.

This September Ruth will be joining her friends in University although one year later; but we know, it is better late than never. One thing I know! Right now Ruth is in the seventh heaven for the way fate has shone a light on her face and I bless her and urge her to continue with the same burning desire and spirit for success and I can assure her, with God's Grace the future is hers to conquer and in the process she can impact the lifes of others in similar station, even if only by her resilience!

Anyone interested in helping other girls like Ruth is very Much welcome and could do so through the PayPal portal "DONATING ONLINE" in our Website www.kusard.org

Thanks in advance; and may the Giver give you more for your generosity towards the lesser fortunate in our Society!

KUSARD aims to spare no efforts in bringing to needy children, modern technology that would otherwise be unavailable to them, left on their own devices, due to their reduced circumstances. Most disadvantaged families are unable to afford their children's formal education, leave alone the opportunity to learn the new technology. KUSARD feels very strongly that poor children should be afforded by society the same opportunities as their peers, to leverage them in the competition, of ever so limited job opportunities in Kenya. Their background should not be held against them, having had no choice in being born into it. As far as possible, they should be, given the same opportunities and access to the same knowledge and skills available to other children. This being one of KUSARD's tenets, we are doing whatever is feasible to bring the new digital era to those least able to afford it. To this end, we feel privileged to have donors willing to help us accomplish this goal. World Fuels Services Corporation, based in Miami in Florida, a dealer in Marine and Aviation Fuel, has championed our cause with their generous donation of six computers to start a computer college. These computers have been installed in "KYALE SMALL HOME OF THE HANDICAPPED" in Kenya and will be used in our rural Computer Education Program. In this computer center at Kyale we are providing computer education for free to those who cannot afford even the minimal cost that would normally be charged to students to help defray some of the costs of running the school
World Fuel Services Corporation continues to help us with a yearly donation of about $500 towards the program and we are quite appreciative to them for their various social responsibilities around the world, one of which is their support of our school.
Jacinta workingMarrietta's GraduationA needy child appealed to Simon to help her continue with her education because she had no one to turn to. The condition of the child was so pitiful that Simon could not say no, even when he himself was encumbered with the bringing up of his own 5 kids in the States. After helping the kid enlist for Highschool for a year or so, he continued getting requests for similar assistance as I had provided to Jacinta Musau. However, on my own, I knew I could only do so much and the need was so high. That is when the idea to start a foundation came into the founder's mind and he started the KENYA/USA CHRISTIAN RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT, INC.

St.Timothy Lutheran Church of Wayne in New Jersey was the first to respond to this need. They actually took over and continued to support Jacinta all through her remaining highschool education. After graduation, she enrolled in a trade school to learn a skill that could help her start her own business or gain employement. Jacinta Musau (Left), has graduated highschool, thanks to the benevolence of the community of St. Timothy Lutheran Church of Wayne New Jersey USA. After Highschool she joined a beauty school and she has already graduated as an hair stylist and started working in that field. This is one of the success stories of this Educational Fund Program and I thank Rev. Robert Mountenay and his community for this. I hope they continue to fund the Program for the benefit of others in similar condition as Jacinta. Another student who continues to benefit from this funding is a student who is from a needy background and was sponsored through University by this Progams. Her name is Marrietta Muvea and she completed her degree in Bio-Chemistry a few years back and has joined the private sector where she has a career to support herself and her family and where prospects for advancement are very good.

Mentally Challenged Katikomu OrphanABJECT POVERTYMany requests continue to be received by KUSARD from children living in abject poverty who need our assistance and it is heartbreaking when we are unable to be of any help to them for lack of resources. I am therefore appealing to our visitors to please support our efforts in reaching out to these underprivileged children who are so motivated to learn and are so ambitions yet constrained by their poor backgrounds. As someone rightly said,"A mind is a terrible thing to waste".

A number of people support us through a program we call "Sisi Ni Jamii" or "We Are Family". They sponsor a child by taking it as their own and suporting it in all its needs; food, education, health etc at a bout $25 a month which is enough to cater for a child's basic need for a month. If you would like to help turn a child's life around, please help this cause by DonatingOnline

Kituiuni Village Polytechnic

The Kituiuni Youth Polytechnic that was sponsored by a partnership of KUSARD; the Kituiuni Community and the Rotary Club of Australia under the auspicies of one of its members, Jackson Melissa has been completed and has started training young boys & girls who have completed Primary School or High school and are unable to continue with education or find work.
In Kenya, many children who leave high school and even Universities end up not finding jobs. The idea of the polytechnic was to try and find a way through which students who complete school but are unable to pursue higher education, can learn useful skills which they could employ to earn income for themselves. The polytechnic is teaching courses that lead to self employment in construction or dress making.
Since there is no electricity in the rural area where this project is located, and since some of the tools and equipment need power to operate them, KUSARD was looking for donations of Solar Panels that could be used to power some of the equipment used in the polytechnic. Without power, there will be things the trainees will be unable to do and therefore their education will not be quite complete.
A commercial coarse in business will also be added to the curriculum to help students learn how to run a business. The more skills these kids are equiped with the higher prospects to find work or to be self-employed.
KUSARD believes that, the best way to help anyone is to give them the tools with which to strive and free themselves from poverty.