KUSARD offers interested individuals, opportunities to work in the communities we serve in the rural areas of Kenya where our projects are mostly located. Students preparing for careers in various areas of human endeavour are welcome to do service hours for College or other academic requirements as well as building their curriculum vitae. So far we have had a few students and adults from the USA, Australia and other countries who have answered this call to serve. They help in the implementation of our plans including adjustiments where changes are deemed necessary to add more value to our services. They supplement the efforts of our small team who do the leg work on a day to day basis in our projects in Makueni District in the Eastern part of Kenya.

For those who have had occasion to work with us their experiences have been quite fulfilling both to them and those they serve.

If you or someone else you know is interested to explore the chance of working for us and discovering the potential in them of improvinig the lives of others and making a difference in the world; contact us for more details.

By the same token; every so often we arrange for Mission Trips to Kenya and the participants have a chance to meet with the local people in our programs. They work for a week or so in the areas of their special interest. The Mission if usually two fold; one part comprising of the visit to the local communities and working there and part two; taking a tour on some of Kenya's famous Safaris.

KUSARD Volunteer Program
To us, volunteers are a special group of people who feel called to give something back to society, for having been blessed with better and more rewarding lives than many others in the world. They respond to a variety of needs in different parts of the world, and sometimes with much sacrifice and endurance on their part often experiencing many difficulty conditions, without expecting much in return, except the fulfillment of knowing they are making a difference in the life of another human being. They are often driven by a strong call to serve and to honor the dignity of the human person, in a world where often the poor and disenfranchised find themselves existing in the fringes of society where they can easily lose their sense of self-worth.

The goal of the KUSARD Volunteer Program is to provide the opportunity for volunteers to live and work in Kenya in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the rural areas of Kenya and more especially in Makueni District by sharing their God given gifts and talents through this Program.
Volunteers make a commitment to work for a specific period of time which can range from a week; a few weeks to several months.

The Essence of the Program
In engaging volunteers we try to be guided by the principles of our Mission which emphasizes the kind of assistance that leads to economic emancipation and the need for beneficiaries to be active participants in those enterprises initiated to help them overcome the hurdles of poverty. To use a cliché, we strive to provide the "net not the fish" so that in time, they can stand on their feet and become catalysts for change in their own lives and in their communities.

What They Do
Volunteers support KUSARD'S' work in the following program area:

  • Agriculture
    • Water Project
    • Small Scale Farming
  • Community health
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Health Center
    • Medicines
    • Diagnosis
    • Counseling
    • Various methods of re-enforcing the message
  • Education
    • Teaching
    • Guidance
    • New technology
    • Self-employment Skills
    • Education on contagious diseases
  • micro finance
    • Educating communities on money matters
    • Business Skills
    • Banking concepts etc
  • Volunteers can be deployed to A Variety of Areas Depending on their interests and skills:
    • Agriculture
    • Computer Education
    • Education
    • Health: HIV and AIDS related
    • Health: Not HIV and AIDS related
    • Medical
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Development Affairs
    • Peace Building / Conflict Resolution
    • Research
    • Proposals and Report Writing
  • Where do Volunteers serve?
    • Volunteers work mostly in the Machakos and Makueni Districts in the Eastern part of Kenya:
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • Although we are a Christian organization, we are open to any man or woman of good will who feels he or she has a calling to bring about social change in the lives of our suffering in Kenya. Volunteers should have the appropriate experience and skills that can support the work assigned to them in the communities they would be engaged in, in Kenya. They should have Commitment to improve the condition of the Poor and preferably have previously worked in a similar capacity elsewhere and hopefully have a cross-cultural experience.
    • Age wise, at least 25 years.
    • They can be single or married, but without dependent children during deployment.
    • They should possess College or Highschool Diploma.
    • They should be flexible; Be willing to live a simple lifestyle; Be open-minded; Be adaptable; Enjoy having a challenging experience; Be mature in mind; Be eager to learn from the people and experiences.
    • Financial Arrangements
      • Volunteers will receive:-Housing; Food and Transportation locally to the places of work and back to the place of residence.
      • Unfortunately, since KUSARD is not financially able to provide Medical and insurance expenses, volunteers must be able to provide these for themselves.
      • Volunteers may share living arrangements with other volunteers or live within the communities with families etc.
    • Training:
      • Prior to the start of their work, volunteers are acquainted with KUSARD'S programs and oriented on what they can expect once the ground. But mostly they will work side by side with KUSARD'S Project Manager providing them with any necessary guidance to facilitate the work of the volunteer.